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Free Photoshop Plugins

Want to elevate your work on Photoshop? Here's a list I've curated of some super helpful plugins and add-ons.

1. Luminar What it does: AI-based photo editing to touch up photos in a way that looks natural.

2. Swatchy

What it does: This swatch manager for Photoshop allows you to organize swatches in folders.

3. ON1 Effects

What it does: Essentially pre-set filters to create stunning, striking photos.

4. PSD Extract/Recover

What it does: This plugin allows you to use image layers from a PSD file without opening the file. PSD Extract/Recover also allows you to use layers from a file created with a newer version of Photoshop than yours. It can even recover layers from damaged files that Photoshop can’t open anymore.

5. Nik Collection

What it does: A set of tools designed to make it easy to edit your photos quickly. The Nik Collection’s difference is that it includes “U Point” technology. This technology allows you to define the areas of an image you want to edit (or leave intact) without manually selecting everything. You can apply localized edits a lot faster.

6. EasyMockups

What it does: This plugin helps you create high-resolution iOS mobile app presentations.

7. Layer Batch

What it does: Batch process layer transformations, apply effects and actions to each layer separately, select layers by type.

8. Pexels Photoshop Plugin

What it does: It allows you to search through your Pexels library directly from Photoshop. Pexels Photoshop Plugin gives you access to over 30,000 free stock photos grouped in categories and synchronizes your favorite pictures with the Pexels website.

9. GuideGuide

What it does: A plugin that can easily set up guides, grids, and calculate everything for you. Pick how many columns and rows you want, set your gutters, and forget about it.

10. SplasHolder

What it does: Similar to the Pexel Photoshop Plugin, SplasHolder is a useful plugin when working with a stock image library. It helps you search the Unsplash library of almost 1 million copyright-free images and use them in your projects without leaving Photoshop.

11. Blow Up 3

What it does: Enlarges images while preserving quality and sharpness.

12. Composer

What it does: Allows you to update multiple layers at once.

13. Ink

What it does: Provide detailed information on photoshop layers in a pop up, saving time scrolling through layers.

14. CSS3Ps

What it does: Allows you to convert your layers to CSS3 format. Among its features are multiple layer selection, support for text layers, the ability to work with shadows, glows, blending, gradient overlays, and border radius.

15. Adobe Camera Raw

What it does: Performing base edits on RAW files.

16. Texture Anarchy

What it does: Create seamless textures ranging from procedural textures to ornamental borders.

17. Long Shadow Generator

What it does: If you need long shadows in a project, you can use this free Photoshop plugin developed especially for this effect.

18. Double Exposure

What it does: Create the classic double exposure effect without needing to use a film camera. It comes with adjustment layers that allow you to tweak the look and colors of your composite image easily.

19. Luce

What it does: This plugin allows you to add directional lights and light spots to your images.

20. PixelSampler

What it does: Photo filters for print materials, web, and multimedia. Among its features are image enhancement tools, adjustable presets, and darkroom and film - style effects.

21. Filter Forge

What it does: Here’s another filter collection, but with a twist. Filter Forge aims for quality and quantity, with over 13,400 photo effects and realistic textures.

22. AlphaPlugins RedEyes

What it does: Removes the red-eye effect using a semi-automated algorithm.

23. NVIDIA Texture Tools

What it does: Provides a collection of tools for generating textures. Among its features are a generation of normal maps, texture compression, mipmap generation, and cub map formatting.

24. Kill White

What it does: Removes white from an image. It’s useful for replacing backgrounds, processing sketches, removing white halos, and adding artistic effects.

25. Real Paint FX

What it does: Turns photos into paintings. Beautiful results, realistic paintings.

26. Super Cubic

What it does: This plugin may help you with retouching panoramas. It unwraps 360-degree panoramas into flat planes, making editing and visualization easier. Then it wraps them back into their original form.

27. Ink Flow Animation Action

What it does: Gives photos a flowing and ink-like effect.

28. The Orange Box plugins

What it does: Provides several free plugins for image enhancement and artistic photo effects. Essentially an effects library.

29. Lens Distortion

What it does: Produces dramatic distortions for your images. Great for photographers.

30. LunarCell

What it does: This is one of the more creative Photoshop plugins. It is a free plugin that gives you a planet or moon tailored to your preferences. You can generate a whole new world using category sliders such as the planet’s features, climate, air, and clouds. You can even inert live clouds of earth from weather satellites!

31. PixelSquid

What it does: If you have a working method that uses 3D objects, then PixelSquid could be a lifesaver. PixelSquid has a database of over 133,000 3D objects that you can use how you like. With this Photoshop plugin, you can select the subject and spin it to get the perfect angle. Then you can download it as a transparent PNG or layered Photoshop file (PSD) straight into your workspace.

32. PathFinder for Photoshop

What it does: This free plugin has brought the useful Illustrator feature over to Photoshop.

Please note! Most of these are available for both Mac and Windows, however a select few have been created for use on only one, unfortunately. If you find one isn't available, try having a search to find a similar plugin that does work for you!

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